How To Find your purpose

Having trouble clearly identifying your purpose? You’re not alone. I was the
same way until I discovered a great big secret. You want to hear it? Here it is.
Your purpose is everywhere. Everywhere? Everywhere! So, why did that feel
so underwhelming? The reason is that part of your purpose is boring. That’s
right, but so is sleeping unless of course, you have great dreams. But, let’s
face it, all of life is not sky diving, high adventure and mind-blowing activities
that make your hair blowback. Some of your purpose is just plain uneventful
and it’s ok. This part of your purpose allows you a time to reflect, reset, and
recover. Boring as a thing is underrated. It’s needed to create purpose
awareness. Purpose awareness is needed to awake to a higher sense of

Americans are reported to have more stress than people in other developed
countries, even though we tend to make more money, have better health care
and greater opportunities than do people in those nations. How does that
work? We have been taught wrong. Money can’t buy purpose, and purpose is
linked to meaning-making. What is meaning-making? It’s what happens when
you live your life on purpose. It’s part of the discovery. If money was the
meaning objective, why is there so much tension, dysfunction, crime and
illiteracy in our communities? Meaning is too expensive for money, just like
there is no price tag big enough to equate to the value of the human soul,
money is so inferior a commodity that it can’t buy you meaning. If it,
whatever it is, has no meaning, no amount of cash will be able to fix the issue
of meaninglessness. You may have heard the words, “I don’t care”. There is
your meaninglessness example. Put another way, if someone does not care, it
is because there is no meaning assigned, and no amount of money can
remedy a meaning crisis. Understanding one’s purpose is the solution to the
meaning crisis.

Find what gives you meaning, and you’re on your way to a greater sense of
purpose. But let’s go back. I said to begin with that your purpose is
everywhere, and that’s still true. And now that you’re free to be human, rest,
get tired, make mistakes and hope for snow so that you don’t have to go to
work or to school, the rest of your adventure can accept the story that is
uniquely you.

If you’re still interested in finally discovering and walking in your purpose, let’s
continue by dispelling the myth that you only have one purpose. You do not!
It’s not possible to only have one purpose. You have too many cells in your
body to think that’s true. You have too many thoughts in your head in an hour to think that’s true. You have too many systems and organs inside you for that
to be true. You have multiple purposes, but it’s the one big thing that most
people focus on. Think of it like this. If finding your purpose is like looking for a
needle in a haystack, your purpose is the haystack, and hay is everywhere.
This means that we should stop looking for one thing to define our purpose,
and instead, look at what’s all around you, your gifts, motives, ideas,
traditions, issues, and dreams. When you look in this area you will agree that
your design potential makes you a person of multiple purposes.
What is design potential you may ask? Design potential is connected to
meaning-making. For example, if you are designed to like things that are
connected to something fast, loud, complicated and intricate in detail, you will
be completely frustrated by activities that are slow, quiet, easy and
cumbersome. That’s because if you are designed for the former, the latter will
frustrate you because the description of things you don’t like is not a part of
your design potential.

You can learn about the ways your design potential feeds the basis for finding
your purpose. Your purpose is connected to your design potential and is part
of your intelligent design. Your uniqueness is without equal. You were made
intelligently and intentionally, to function using traits and characteristics that
are out of this world. For example, you are a unique version of yourself with a
specific DNA strand, unmatched fingerprints and voice tone designed
specifically for you. You are no accident and is the proud owner of the
exclusive rights of being you. Trying to be someone else shames your
intelligent design and strips the earth of an original.

Although you are enough, you can still improve, and the largest area of
improvement one can make is in their character. Character development
makes up the most significant part of a person’s purpose. Character is a big
subject, one that we will cover later, but suffice it to say, there is no way to
discover your purpose without time spent evaluating personal character. We
all have flaws. However, your purpose does not require perfection, because
your purpose is already perfect. In other words, your intelligent design is
perfect for the purpose it was created. Remember, your design came from
intelligence, not coincidence. Your perfection package includes your height,
eye color, hair type, skin complexion, blood type, reproductive type and too
many other attributes that confirm your purpose. You’re a masterpiece,
therefore, be good – be you. Walk in your purpose.

-Dr. J. Calvin Tibbs

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